***Starting Saturday April 1st the DBGC Bus Timetable will revert back to the original schedule, and the boarding point will be moved to the same side as the alighting point. If coming from the pier, you no longer need to cross the road. Please be advised that the Club bus will no longer stop at Nim Shue Wan.**      ** Golf Course Renovation - The Club is happy to announce that all details have been finalized and we are ready to begin the renovation of Ruby course! On Saturday, March 25th, Ruby course will be closed for construction. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we work on making DBGC even better.**           
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Repair & Fitting Center by Golf Corner
Club Repair & Fitting Service

Golf Corner offers one of the best club repair, club fitting and alteration services in Hong Kong. Our staff members are trained to perform services to meet industry standards.

Every Thursday/Saturday, 10am to 4pm
A wide range of grips, shafts and premium golf components available. All payments are handled by the Pro-shop.

  • Golf grip changing
    Offering basic golf grip changing and many choices of grip
  • Extend and shortening
    Alter your clubs to your personal specifications.
  • Loft and lie check
    Have your clubs checked, measured and altered to the correct lofts so that your irons have correct distance gaps.
  • Shaft alteration and fitting
    We offer advice to recommend the best shaft for the player and installation into the player’s existing or new club.


Basic Price list

Description  Price 
Repair - Iron Loft & Lie Adjustment  $         40
Putter Loft & Lie Adjustment  $       100
Swingweight Adjustment  $       100
Reset Shaft / Tighten Loose Head  $       150
Regripping  $         30
Re-Ferrule  $         30
Remove Rattle  $       150
Shorten Clubs (Saving Grip)  $         80
Shorten Clubs (Without Saving Grip)  $         50
Extend Clubs (Saving Grip)  $         90
Extend Clubs (Without Saving Grip)  $         70
Grip Size Adjustment  $         30
Club Fitting & Analysis (45 mins)  $       500